Comprehensive Guide: Buy Google Voice and Learn How to Block a Number

Number on Google Voice

Google voice number is such a number that users want to keep hiding their actual phone number, address, or identity. Nowadays, there are numerous people who buy google voice to get a new US number. But in this recent times, it is common that someone is very annoying to you or someone disturbed, or you do not want to contact someone via google voice.

Why Does Someone Want To Block A Google Voice Number?

Google voice numbers help the user by providing an unreal number. Users can call and send text or voice mail via that unreal number provided by the google voice account. Usually, a person wants to hide his real name, address, or identity but wants to contact others. To do this, a person buys google voice and creates a google voice account.

But sometimes, some annoying person calls and sends a message or voice mail which you do not like to receive. You want to avoid this type of unwanted calls, messages, and voicemails. Then a person wants to block a google voice number on google voice accounts.

What Happens When You Block A Google Voice Number?

A user can stop unwanted calls and messages. If you already bought or will buy google voice number, you have to know about the aftereffect of these blocking systems. You can block or mark the annoying numbers as spam on Google Voice.

Your blocked Google Voice numbers will be marked as blocked. The block numbers will be marked by a special symbol that you can easily understand. Users of these numbers will be given a message like “The number is not in service” when they try to call you. And even if they send you a message, it will not reach your number.

Google Voice Number Blocking Procedure On Android Phone

If you are using an Android phone, first open your google voice app to block a google voice number. Look at the bottom; tap Messages, Calls, or Voicemail with different symbols. Open a text from the contact you do not want to receive, go to more options, then people & options, and click on Block options to block from a text message. And to block a voicemail or a call, first, open a voicemail or call from the contact you want to stop. Go to more options and tap on block number options.

Google Voice Number Blocking Procedure On iPhone and iPad

If you are currently continuing with an iPhone or iPad, first open the voice app like the Android phone procedure. Then open the tab for messages, calls, or voicemail. You just open a text, call, or voicemail from the number you feel disturbed. Go to more options and click on the block option to block that number. You can easily buy google voice and use it nicely on your iPhone and iPad.

Google Voice Number Blocking Procedure On Desktop

Launch your favorite web browser and access the google voice site to block a number from your computer. Sign in to your google voice account on the site. Once you have signed in, find the number to block in your call log. Then click that number. In the number details section, click on the three dots at the top-right corner. Finally, Select “Block Number” in that menu that you open.

Your selected google number is now blocked in your account after the procedure. That user can not call or send the text to you on your Google Voice number. But you can unblock the number if needed. Click once again on the three dots and select “Unblock Number” to receive calls and texts from that user. Now it is straightforward to buy google voice, so if you are currently not using the facilities of the google voice number, buy a google voice and enjoy.


Although a person usually uses Google Voice number for his personal or business needs, it is often necessary to block a number due to various problems. Just as Google Voice Accounts gives you a new number, they also have a solution to any unforeseen issues you may encounter.

Whether you run Google Voice on any device or buy google voice for any device, you can easily block any number on any of the devices we have already described. We hope now you learn how to block a google voice number on google voice.

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