How To Unarchive Gmail?


The modern tech world can be challenging. There are always new technologies and new features. And keeping up with them can be challenging to most of us. Worry not, for we will always be there to help you out. And today, out of many many topics, we chose to talk about Gmail. 


How to unarchive Gmail? What does unarchiving even mean?  Today we’ll discuss all that. 

  • What Does It Mean By Archiving Emails in Gmail?

Archive in Gmail is a feature that lets you save your emails in another Gmail folder. When you archive an email, it’s removed from your inbox but it’s stored in your Gmail under “all mails” so that you can find it later on. 


  • How To Unarchive Gmail on Desktop Website?

To restore an archived email in your Gmail from a desktop browser, you only need 3 minutes. 


Step 1- Click on the All Mail label in your Gmail.

There’s a little keyboard shortcut to it. You can just press the keys g and a at the same time to open All Mail faster. 


Step 2- Find the email you want to unarchive. Unarchiving an email would show that email in your inbox once again. You can use the search bar to find the email you are looking for faster. 


Step 3-  Check the email you want to unarchive. You can also check multiple emails at the same time and unarchive them. 


Step 4- Click the Move To Inbox button. As an alternative, you can also drag and drop the emails onto your inbox in the left panel. 


And you’re done! You just learned how to unarchive an email using your desktop. 


  • How To Unarchive Gmail on Android Devices?

On Android devices, you have the Gmail app. To unarchive emails on the Gmail app, you need to follow a few steps. 


Step 1- Tap the three-line menu item on The left side of the Gmail app. 


Step 2- Open the All Mail folder. 


Step 3- Now, you open the email you want to unarchive. You can also tap and hold an email to select them. You can select multiple emails at once like that and move them together. 


Step 4- Open the Menu using The Menu button. 


Step 5- And after that, the last step. You just need to tap Move to inbox from the context menu that has appeared. 


  • How To Unarchive Gmail on iPhone devices? 

Unarchiving Gmail on iPhones is just as easy as unarchiving emails on android. 


Step 1- Open Mail. It’s a blue icon with a white envelope in it. It’s typically on the home screen of an iPhone. 


Step 2-  Tap Mailboxes. It’s in the top left corner of the screen. 


Step 3- Tap on All Mail. You can see various email outlooks there. Tap Gmail. 


Step 4- In the top right corner of the screen, there’s Edit. It can take a while to appear. Tap on it. 


Step 5- Select the emails you want to unarchive. You can do that by tapping and holding on to the email. 


Step 6- Then tap Move. And then select Inbox. 


Now your archived emails are back in your iPhone inbox. 


  • How To Unarchive Emails in Gmail app on iPhone? 

You can easily do that on your iphone. Follow the same steps we mentioned to unarchive emails from the Gmail app on Android. In case 9f of the Gmail app, the steps of unarchiving email are the same. 


  • What Is The Difference Between Archiving and Deleting An Email In Gmail App?

The difference between deleting and archiving an email is simple. Deleting an email in Gmail means to remove that email from your inbox. The deleted email remains in your trash can for 30 days and then it gets deleted automatically. In these 30 days, you have the chance to go back into your trash can and retrieve it.  


On the other hand, archiving an email means to move an email into a separate folder where it stays as long as you want. Archiving an email doesn’t mean to delete it but to move the email to a different safe folder.


  • What to do if you mistakenly archived an email? 

You can unarchive an email quickly if you mistakenly archived it. On smartphones, it’s easy to mistakenly slide your index or thumb across an email and archiving it. But as soon as you archive an email, you can notice the Undo panel on your notification bar or just at the bottom of your screen. This panel stays for a few seconds, enough for you to notice and tap it. You can simply tap on Undo and the archived email would get unarchived. 


Receiving hundreds of emails on a daily basis can be annoying. If you love to keep things organized then keeping your Gmail inbox clean is a good step. And also, if we may give you a little advice, deleting unnecessary emails regularly can keep you organized and also save server space. Keeping unnecessary items on your device only ends up using away your device space and also the server space. Cleaning unwanted items can help save server space and save a lot of energy too. So you can make it a habit to organise your emails on a daily basis or maybe on a weekly basis. 


We hope this article helped you. We’ll come with other interesting and helpful topics in future. Thank you for being with us today. 

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