What is Locanto? 

Locanto is a global network that focuses exclusively on employment, personals. It can also be used for rent, for sale, services, community, real estate, vehicles, and pets. This is mainly designed to accommodate classified ads. You can use the application to sell both used and new products and services. All you have to do is click and upload a photo of the item you desire to sell. You can also write a brief description and then publish the ad for potential buyers to view.

Price & Plans


Why do You need Locanto Accounts?

If you wish to earn money by selling items you no longer need, then Locanto makes it simple. As business personnel, you can use the Locanto program to market your business and increase website traffic. The app can be used to advertise jobs, events, and community initiatives. It can also advertise real estate listings, vehicles, and appliances, as well as online courses. Apart from shopping, the ‘Personal’ feature may be used to locate and connect with single individuals in your neighbourhood. As for a consumer, you have the choice of browsing among thousands of things. These are very nicely organised by category. If you do find something you want, you can contact the vendor directly and make an offer. Once you receive a response, you can meet the seller. Then purchase the product, and pay using the payment method agreed upon. Locanto Classifieds is offered in over 50 countries and over 1600 cities globally. So, the chances of your ads getting to potential buyers is very high. Therefore, you can get in touch with us and avail our Locanto pva accounts for sale.

Benefits of Locanto Accounts:

▶ Find the most appropriate service.

It is simple to discover a handyman, cleaner, cook, or babysitter with the help of Locanto’s online marketplace. Barbers, tutors, financial gurus, and other service providers can advertise their services. Through this, they can get work when they are in need of it through the program as well. Once you have found what you are searching for, you can get in touch with the service specialist. Then you can arrange a time and price for them to begin working on your project. This site helps you find and select your desired job, service or product. 

▶ Classified Ads for free

Free classified websites are one of the best places to offer products or services online. This is because they do not charge for advertising. Many businesses use online classified advertisements to promote their products and services. That is especially when their marketing budget is limited. Having stated that, one of the most well-known advertising websites is Locanto. It allows small and local businesses to put free advertisements on their website for a period of 60 days. Locanto can be used to engage with a large number of job seekers, sell services, physical products. It helps stay connected to distinctive prominent categories. Categories such as event tickets, leisure activities, varied classes, and other community-based services. Apart from that, it provides features such as customising advertising. It also offers the ease of sharing on multiple social media platforms and the ability to use statistics to optimise ad management. This website has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the purchasing and selling procedure. Users can browse the site’s numerous categories. One should not overlook the benefits that online classified services such as Locanto offer. Purchase Locanto PVA accounts from PVA Agent to provide your business with the necessary leverage.

▶ Buy goods and services at a bargain.

Purchasers can find amazing deals on second-hand or rarely used items on Locanto.com. As soon as you have downloaded the Locanto program on your smartphone, you may browse through the categories. You might also discover goods that may be of interest to you. You can then communicate with the seller, negotiate a price and a meeting location. As a result, you can quickly become the proud owner of a product you desire!

▶ Promote and publish via a variety of social media sites.

The ability to share on multiple social media accounts with the use of the Locanto share button is a major advantage. This is what makes it a must-have. You can take advantage of this free advertising site as well as have access to social media accounts. All of this provides a fantastic opportunity for small businesses. The opportunity to reach out to new audiences and improve their online presence.

▶ You can even connect with a tutor to learn.

There may be a large number of people in your community that have expertise that you would like to gain. For example, you are willing to learn how to dance, and there might be someone across the street who is willing to teach you. Locanto brings together people who live in the same region. It provides a convenient platform for both students and teachers to connect and begin sessions.

▶ Specific states might be used to narrow down a search.

Locanto is an open platform with classifieds available in over 60 countries across the world. Locanto has developed numerous local classifieds sites in all cities around the United States. This makes it simple for individuals to narrow down their searches depending on towns or states. Locanto provides a good search engine to help consumers find products or services online. They may set the search radius as low as 20 miles from the city. Using specific keywords improves the search’s accuracy and precision. Thus, allowing consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Local companies can use this as a local promotional channel for their establishments, products, or services. Buy Locanto USA PVA accounts from us at a lower price to promote your business and increase your market reach.

▶ Ads can be customised using images, videos, links, and you share and view job openings.

Locanto enables businesses to post free classified ads on their website, with the option to customise their adverts. With Locanto, you can use images, video, HTML code. You can use even connections to websites to increase traffic to your site or blog. But the ad will be on the Locanto site for 60 days. Locanto has a specific job posting area. Although one can post free job advertising on the Locanto site, one can boost job postings. You can place them in the Top ad or featured ad, and each listing will be charged a price. The duration of these premium adverts ranges from one week to three months. The premium plan gives the option to contact candidates personally for a modest fee. By navigating to the Locanto dashboard, one can even amend job advertisements. This is an excellent option for reaching out to qualified prospects. It also helps expand your company’s talent pool. Get a Locanto PVA account to take full advantage of the Locanto site’s free job posting advertising.

▶ Marketing on a local level.

Without good promotion, competing with a larger business in another location may be challenging. Suppose you own a local or small firm. You need to get the information out, which makes local marketing more beneficial for your business. Free classified sites are an excellent place to start when it comes to online advertising. One of the most effective sites is Locanto; this is especially beneficial for businesses with a larger community presence. When potential clients do local searches on Locanto, using the proper keywords. Then putting your business on the site will enhance site ranking. You will be able to boost your online existence. Buy Locanto verified accounts from PVA Agent and outperform your competitors.

▶ Obtain analytics

Analytics are vital for a company since they enable a better understanding of one’s marketing strategy. It also helps understand the improvement and optimisation of internet marketing efforts. The integration of analytics has enhanced Locanto’s features. Along with the free exposure on the site, businesses can utilise the tiny analytics tools offered. These can be found in the Locanto account’s ‘My Ads’ section. These analytics provide crucial insights. Insights such as tracking the number of people who have visited their advertisement. You can also Determine how the advertisement is doing. Is it effective or not, and make any necessary adjustments. Purchase Locanto PVA accounts to gain free access to these insights. It is also a more effective way to manage ad traffic. Along with the benefits of free ad posting, Locanto provides access to tiny statistics. This will help you better understand ad effectiveness. The Locanto ad dashboard displays a variety of vital indicators and provides an overview of how to enhance numbers. These analytics provide insight into client behaviour. It also describes how to control traffic to advertisements more effectively. Small businesses should not miss out on these vital data. Instead, they should purchase Locanto PVA accounts to gain access to them for free. We offer tempting packages at a price point that fits every marketing budget.

▶ Increase your search engine optimisation and website ranking.

The main objective of placing advertising on Locanto is to increase traffic to one’s business. As we all know, this website is accessed by a bigger number of visitors than most other classified websites. Advertising on Locanto serves to increase online visibility for a company’s official website or blog. This, in turn, helps to boost search engine optimisation (SEO). Locanto allows businesses to create advertising by using images, videos, HTML code, and links. This can assist in improving the website’s placement in search engine result pages. This will also lead to increasing the amount of traffic to the site. Businesses using keyword-optimized ads on Locanto are more likely to appear in organic searches. The same way as paid search results. Listing items and services on free advertising websites is an excellent way to get your business noticed. Through the use of Locanto PVA accounts, you may improve your SEO marketing and raise awareness.

▶ Look for what’s nearby.

The most advantageous aspect of the Locanto app is that it links communities together. Therefore, people can simply purchase and sell goods and services. Locanto, which operates like a local marketplace, prioritises advertisements. This is done through the ads view on your geographic area. As a result, the listings for Locanto California, Locanto Texas, and Locanto New York would be completely distinct. This surely makes it easier for buyers and sellers to live in the same neighbourhood. Thus, it leads people to connect, buy, and sell their homes or products.

How do we create phone verified Accounts?

You can create a PVA Locanto Account on your own very easily. You can register for a Locanto Account by simply using an email address for locanto sign in. But the accounts we create and offer will serve you with many benefits and for a longer time. The PVAs we sell will help you have a real, verified account. The Phone Verified Accounts we provide are authentic. The PVA Accounts we sell are created by expert individuals who are very experienced and skilled.  Our Locanto accounts are created by using a distinctive IP Address. This will ensure the durability of the account, so you will be able to use that account regularly without any interruptions. You can post as many ads, job postings as you want and gain the perspective audiences and responses. You will have complete access to the Locanto PV Accounts without having to worry about anything. So, we suggest that you buy Locanto Accounts from us, as we offer them at the cheapest rate.



Do you offer Phone verified Locanto accounts?

Yes, we offer 100% verified and real Locanto PV Accounts.

Can I buy Locanto PVA in larger quantities?

 Yes, you can buy Locanto accounts bulk from us. We usually have many PVA Accounts in stock. But due to high demand, sometimes the accounts run out of stock quickly. So, in a scenario like this, we will create more accounts for you and provide them to you.

Are these PVA Accounts Tested Before They are Delivered?

We conduct a quality control check after creating every PVA Account. This inspection is done by the experts who create the accounts in the first place. This process leads us to deliver real verified accounts that can be accessed without any problems.


In this advanced world where everything is carried out online, you should join this wagon. Locanto is considered as one of the best advertisement sites, so get your Locanto Accounts from us Today!