How to remove mailtrack from Gmail

remove mail track from Gmail

Gmail, or Google Mail, could be a free email service offered by Google. It enables users to send and receive emails using the net. Gmail may be a sort of Webmail service. It may be accessed online moreover as through a mobile application.

Mailtrack is an important tool for tracking emails of Gmail. It uses a pixel-based tracking system that allows users to test if their emails were opened or read and if so what percentage times were they accessed.

Some useful features of Mailtrack are

Active Mail- Mailtrack often traces some email conversations as active. It tells users which emails are receiving attention from receivers. If you reconsider the Green Active text, you may be ready to see the reason during a tooltip and also the reason it’s marked as active.

Regular Report

Through mailtrack, a user will get daily updates like what number of emails were sent and received. As a user, you’ll even be able to see the proportion of emails that are read and more.

Monitoring reply

To use this feature, a user must send an email to MailTrack. It helps keep track of emails which has not received any reply.

Listings in Gmail- you may be able to create mailing listings and even be ready to manage them. This helps keep track of the emails forwarded to people.

Tracing Links

This particular attribute enables users to determine what percentage clicks they received on your links.

How Actually does Mailtrack process?


To follow abreast of leads, partners, and job applications, email monitoring allows you to trace clicks and opens on emails. to extend efficiency and quality, you’ll examine the metrics of email marketing campaigns.

Mailtrack could be a browser extension that enables you to trace your emails. you’ll get the Chrome extension from the Google Web Store and install it there. After you’ve installed it in Chrome, you’ll have to link it to your Gmail account and configure the method.


When you enter the Gmail interface, you’ll be able to view read receipts, which are just like the read indicators that appear once you send messages on WhatsApp.

This software uses a 1*1-pixel graphic that’s embedded in each Gmail email you send.

The browser requests the image from the server when the recipient opens the email. After that, the server parses the request and informs whether or not your email has been opened.


Every time an email is opened, Mailtrack keeps track. When the receiver opens the email, you’ll be able to get the data by lingering over the receipt icon.

All emails sent through Mailtrack have receipt signatures. On the dashboard, you’ll turn it off. The signature “sent with Mailtrack” appears on emails sent with email tracking programmers. It is a reminder to the recipient that the emails are being monitored.

Who are the users of Mailtrack with Gmail?


The Mailtrack programmer respects your privacy and doesn’t share your information with third parties. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail and is straightforward to line up. With their campaigns, you’ll be able to send group emails that allow you to send individual tracked copies of your email. Your email lists are created and managed using Lists. a number of its mainstream users are:

  • Project Coordinators and managers.
  • Independent Professionals and Freelancers.
  • Professionals seeking jobs
  • Sales Teams and Account managers.
  • Professionals maintaining client relationships.

What are the most disadvantages of using Mailtrack with Gmail?


Some of the mailtrack users have mentioned many drawbacks of using mailtrack in their reviews. a number of the foremost common problems are:

  • Most of the features are unavailable within the free trial or the free version of the application
  • The information about the emails being forwarded and received aren’t very detailed.
  • Spams are faced by users.
  • The privacy isn’t very strong as others can see all of your activities.
  • The snooze button has limited options. it’s only two options to be precise, which are the provision of snoozing for under 24 hours or 48 hours.
  • Some alerts are there on mailtrack by default which could be quite irritating.
  • When an email is distributed to multiple people, a user would be unable to work out who has read it.


As you’ll be able to see, the drawbacks outweighs the assorted advantages Mailtrack offers. As a user, you may have to get eliminate Mailtrack from your Gmail. The answers to the subsequent questions could be handy.


How to remove mail track from my Gmail?


If you would like to revoke Mailtrack rights for your Gmail/Google account, follow these steps:


1)Log in to the Gmail account that you just do not want to utilise for Mailtrack.

2)Go to and fill out the shape.

3)Revoke access to Mailtrack by clicking the ‘Revoke access button.

4) Confirm that you simply definitely want to disable Mailtrack access.


How to remove mailtrack from Gmail on chrome?


If you would like to get rid of Mailtrack for Gmail from your Chrome browser, follow these steps:

1) Launch Chrome on your machine.

2) Locate the Mailtrack icon to the correct of your address bar.

3) Select Remove from Chrome from the context menu when right-clicking the icon.


How to remove Mailtrack Add On for Android/iOS?


To get obviate our mobile add-on, take these steps:


1) move to your Gmail settings after logging in.

2) visit the Add-ons page and appearance for Mailtrack. If it’s there, click “Manage.”

3) The Google Workspace (previously G Suite) Marketplace should open, and you’ll be able to uninstall the Mailtrack for the mobile add-on from there.

5) to end the uninstall, close and reopen the Gmail app on your phone.


Adding an extension such as Mailtrack to your Gmail might be helpful but only to some extent. Therefore, whether you want to install or uninstall Mailtrack from Gmail is totally up to you. But if you are determined that removing Mailtrack from Gmail will be the greater good. Then you can undertake the steps described above and rid yourself of Mail Track.


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