Online Purchase of a Google Voice Number: A Guide

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Google is probably the most influential search engine in the present time. It will be very hard to find a way not to make use of Google in any particular event of everyday life. One of the most prominent features of Google is Google Voice. This article will give you a rough idea about Google Voice, how you can use them or how you can purchase them.

What is Google Voice?

Perhaps, the easiest phrase to understand about Google Voice is what they use in most of their advertisement, “A smarter phone number”. Imagine having a smartphone number that lets you integrate several phone numbers into a unique number from which you can place calls or text messages. It gives you the unique opportunity for managing all of your devices where you can link all of your devices with Google Voice.

So what happens is that when you receive a call, all of your devices linked with Google Voice will ring up, and you can efficiently use your nearest device. A quite similar approach goes for making a call. As all of your devices are identified with a single phone number now, you can just make a call from either of your devices and it will show the same phone number on the receiver’s end for each of the devices. And on top of that, the most exciting part is that it’s free!   

Can You Buy a Google Voice Number Online?

Of course, you can! There are many retailers and websites that sell Google Voice numbers for business plans at a very reasonable price. But you have to be aware of scams and frauds. Once you’ve found the right seller, you can place your order online, complete your payment with appropriate proof, and claim your brand-new Google Voice number.

Requirements for Buying Google Voice?

You will need significantly less to set up Google Voice on your device or devices. All you will be needing is a valid and working Google account and a registered U.S. or Canadian phone number. This number can either be mobile or landline. Google Voice is only valid for U.S. or Canadian phone numbers for personal use.

If you want to use Google Voice for business or organization, the pricing will start at only $10 USD per user, per month. You will need to have a Google Workspace to sign up for Google Voice. The business plan is available for telephone numbers from 13 regions or states except for the United States which are: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

How much does it cost to buy a Google Voice number?

For personal plans

The personal plan does not require any charge. For personal use, Google Voice is completely free. All you have to do is sign up on the Google Voice app with your US phone number and you are ready to go.

For business plans

In this particular case, Google Voice comes in three packages: starter, standard, and premier. For starter plans, calling is limited to up to 10 different locations in the domestic region, the maximum number of users for this pack is also limited to 10 users per workspace account and the price per user is $10/ month. The standard call offers unlimited calling within any location domestically, and it also can take up unlimited users in the workspace. The pricing per month is $20/ user.  And lastly, the premier package offers unlimited domestic and international calls, unlimited users per workspace account and the pricing per user is $30/ month.

How do I get a Google Voice number without a US number?

People living outside the US can also make use of Google Voice numbers, although Google Voice is exclusively available for the US. So when living outside the US you have to manage a US number and use a VPN service to change location to the United States. Then you are free to make calls anywhere. When you are willing to sign up for an account for Google Voice, you will have to provide a US-based phone number with free or paid apps.

There are many apps that give you with free US phone number which can be used for making calls and texting users outside the US. TextNow and TextFree are commonly used for this purpose. You can also use Skype for purchasing a US number. Next, you will have to connect your phone with a VPN and change your location to the United States. If you do not follow this step, Google will not allow you to sign up for Google Voice services.

Is Google Voice Free Internationally?

Google Voice personal plans are free only within the United States. For Business plans, the premier package offers unlimited international calls.

When you are traveling internationally, you will only be charged 20¢/min. International destinations must cover certain countries and territories.

Does Google Voice Expire?

If you are inactive for more than 30 days, you will lose your Google Voice number. You can reclaim your Google Voice number within 45 days of losing it. If this is not done, your number will be reassigned to someone else. This is only applicable to personal plans. This feature isn’t available for workspace accounts.

Who should buy Google Voice?

As mentioned earlier, anyone can use Google Voice for personal use. You just need a US number to use Google Voice.

Regarding business planning, there are three packages: starter, standard, and premier. The starter package is ideal for small businesses as it allows up to 10 users in an account. Standard planning would be very efficient for medium companies and businesses. And for large companies and enterprising, the premier pack will be most beneficial because it offers unlimited calls both domestically and internationally. It also gives the opportunity to take up an unlimited number of users in a single account.

Why should you use Google Voice business?

Google Voice offers a large number of exciting features and opportunities both for personal accounts and business accounts.

For personal use, the key benefits are given below:

The major benefit of Google Voice is that it is cost-free. If you select the personal usage plan, that is. You will receive a local area code as a result, which will help your company come out as more legitimate and professional. However, only users in the US and phone lines with US registrations are eligible for the free personal usage plan. Additionally, there is no customer support available if you need it.

Next, you can configure your devices to ring simultaneously when a customer calls in so that someone can answer it. You can also let the calls ring consecutively. Lastly, the number porting feature that is included with every Google Voice service, even the free one, is another benefit. You can port your current phone number, whether it comes from a land phone, a mobile phone, or another VoIP service.

When it comes to business planning from Google Voice, it brings wonders. Some of the exciting features are discussed below:

Firstly, one of the prominent features is that to lead calls to the right people or departments inside your company, you can build up a menu system. Secondly, a call can be transferred from any device to another number. Thirdly, other Google applications can be used with Google Voice. When your calendar indicates that you are away from the office, for instance, you can select to transfer calls directly to Voicemail. Fourthly, the business retains the phone numbers of departing employees. Next, organizations participating in the beta program have access to ring groups. Members of your company can take calls from a single Google Voice contact number thanks to ring groups. Then, Google Voice automatically transcripts your Voicemails. Finally, Customers can connect PSTN services from every provider to Google Voice via SIP Link by using authorized Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

What are some of the Exclusive Features of Google Voice?

  • Calling from Gmail: All of us have at least one working Gmail account, right? The most interesting thing is, you can make calls straight from your inbox, and you may place free calls to the United States and Canada. But, the issue here is, you are given different contact information that the receiver won’t recognize each time you call. This could lead to huge problems because most people are not comfortable receiving calls from unknown numbers.
  • Merging all devices in one number: Most of us have at least one working phone number, some of us have multiple phone numbers for business or other purposes and some of us also have a landline number. The biggest feature of Google Voice is each of these channels can be sent to a single number.
  • Limitless text messages: Google Voice is a great option for chatting. Especially if you are a person who prefers speedy and convenient end-to-end conversation, Google Voice may be the perfect choice for you. One of the biggest benefits regarding this is that texting from any platform or device is acceptable. You may use Google Voice from your web browser or even add its Chrome extension to your browser to send and receive messages and receive notifications. This means that you can synchronize all your platforms without any hassle.
  • Forwarding call to one number: When you get a new phone, which leads to switching old phones to new ones, you can get a new phone number and assign your Google Voice number or to your current phone number if you currently have one.
  • Call forwarding rules: You can forward all of your numbers and calls using this service to a single Google Voice number. That’s not all, though. To specify which calls go where and when to set up particular rules for the calls.
  • Call recording: The call recording feature is an excellent feature in Google Voice which lets you record calls easily with just a push of the record button. This comes in very handy in meetings and classes that can conduct online.
  • Voicemails in real-time: You can hear Voicemails as they are being left by using Google Voice. There aren’t many other cellular companies that provide this really distinctive feature.


Whether using the free version of Google Voice or the paid one, you are unlocking some new features in your tech lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the paid version of Google Voice enhances your business experiences and increases your business facilities to a great extent. The free version also enhances the quality of your technology experience. So why wait? Get your Google Voice number now and make your life better and easier.

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