What is a Mail.Ru account?

Mail.ru, a Russian webmail service, was first introduced in 1998 and is still in operation today. With more than 100 million active email accounts and 400 million total mailboxes. According to ComScore, Mail. ru-owned websites attract the largest readership and screen time in Russia. On a monthly basis, Mail.RU websites each around 86 per cent of Russian Internet users. And the company is among the top five largest Internet companies in terms of total page views.

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Why do you need Mail.RU PV Accounts? 

Mail.RU, through its email platform and social media networks, covers more than 91 per cent of all Russian internet users. The company has more than 7,000 workers and receives a large number of visitors to its Moscow offices. It is necessitating the implementation of an access control system that provides best-in-class security. While also providing a smooth user experience. It was important to Mail.Ru that a mobile solution that could be readily integrated into its own smartphone app was found. So that staff and visitors could simply transition. From using physical access cards to utilising mobile IDs stored on their smartphones. As the largest webmail provider in Russia and on the European continent, Mail.ru ranks fifth in terms of global market share. You can use this platform for your personal needs or business purposes. Set up Mail.Ru registration today and use it efficiently. You can also get a Mail.Ru Account from us at a cheaper rate. 

Benefits of Mail.Ru PV Accounts:

▶ Excellent growth and a well-defended moat

The fact that all of Mail.ru’s subsidiaries are platform firms is what we appreciate the most. When they reach maturity, platform companies tend to have substantial network effects. and to be extremely successful while also being relatively capital-light in nature. Many of Mail.ru’s enterprises are also market leaders in their respective fields. This helps to further strengthen their competitive advantage. The fact that Mail.ru controls so many industries is also a significant competitive advantage. As it allows the company to integrate its offerings and provide excellent subscription packages. It’s similar to Amazon Prime, with the exception that it only applies to Mail.ru items and services. For comparison, the plan listed below costs approximately USD $3 per month.

▶ Various Channels

For consumers, Ru’s primary method of distribution is its collection of websites. Whilst its primary line of distribution for businesses is its direct sales staff. The company promotes its products and services through its social media sites. Through advertising (online, on television, on radio, and on the street) and participation in trade shows and seminars.

▶ APIs for JS and Flash are also available.

For the first time, you can make API requests straight from the client-side of your applications in My World. It can also be done from external sites. In order to accomplish this, you must connect to and make use of the JS API. We have created the Flash API specifically for flash apps. All of which makes it simple and convenient to access all of the vast features of the client JS API, which is now in beta.

▶ Structure of the Costs

Mail.Ru has a cost-driven organisational structure. With the goal of reducing expenses through extensive automation and low-price value offers. Personnel costs are the most significant cost driver for the company. Agent fees, server hosting, office rent, and marketing are all significant contributors to the total cost of ownership.

▶ Installation of an application is requested.

Now, in the client section of the application, you can simply call the mail.ru.app.users. Require installation method. Specify which settings (privileges) you want to get from the user. As a result of invoking the method, the user will be presented with the usual application installation dialogue box. All of which will include the options that you specified. 

▶ Inscription in the Guest Book

This is a significant new tool for viral application dissemination. Using the guestbook entry, you can inform not only the current user’s friends about your program. But also, any other My World users, regardless of whether they have the application loaded or not. A guest book is a personal place created by a user. In which all users of My World may leave messages unless the Book’s owner prohibits this. The guestbook is accessible via the user profile’s “What’s New” activity ribbon. The mail.ru.common.guestbook.publish function invokes the guestbook entry dialogue. You can pass the identity of the user to whom the entry will be added. The title of the entry, a description, an image, and up to two action links to the application’s home page as arguments. You can transfer an arbitrary set of parameters via these links. This enables you to build any business logic for processing users who arrived via these links.

▶ Extending the window for payment

Additionally, we prepared a pleasant update for billing – the new method. When called from the client-side of the application, mail.ru.app. payments.showDialog enables you to minimise the wait. The wait between the call and the display of the payment dialogue. That too alongside as track the payment fact programmatically. The actual dialogue is as follows: Now, you may tell the user swiftly, simply. And stylishly about the accumulation of acquired gold or the provision of a paid service. In a nutshell, it is highly recommended for use, as it will increase your earnings.

▶ Setup or rights might be requested.

Suppose you require some kind of configuration that the user did not provide. You can use the mail.ru.common.users.requirePremission function to initiate a request dialogue for this privilege. Then determine the outcome of the user’s selection – whether he granted the requested privilege or not.

▶ The activity feed is being recorded. What’s New in this Version. 

The mail.ru.common.stream. Publish method has been added to the JS API. It is intended to take the place of the server call from the REST API’s stream. publish method. The new approach has several key advantages. Such as photographs for recording are downloaded from your server on the fly. You may provide multiple action links for recording. Records can be recognised as liked and circulated widely around the social graph, and the new method is easy to use. This is why we propose that you make a conscious effort to migrate to the new technique of recording. It is more efficient for application developers. Eliminates the problem of low-quality material. As a result of this statement, the server call stream.publish has been designated obsolete. Its support for web apps and websites may be withdrawn in the future, for which advance notice will be provided. 

▶ Bottom line

In general, purchasing Mail.ru now appears to be very similar to purchasing Tencent ten years ago. In the same way that Tencent has dominated the Chinese online. Mail.ru is now establishing itself as the dominant force on the Russian internet. We believe that Mail.ru has a significant growth runway and significant competitive advantages. And that it should be valued at far more than $4.3 billion. It is presently valued, especially given the fact that it is extremely profitable.

▶ Customer Segments are defined as follows.

A segmented market business model. with customer groups that have slightly different needs is used by Mail.Ru to operate. The company’s products and services are aimed at both consumers and businesses. If you are operating a business, then get yourself a Mail.Ru email address today. 

▶ Key Business Partners 

Mail.Ru has the following strategic business partners:

Startups – The company invests in these businesses with a particular emphasis. The emphasis is on those who have internet ventures. Those are in the scaling stage and are aimed at the worldwide market. The company collaborates with developers to assist them in the development of their games. Participating at various stages from concept to launch. Specific services include design consulting, testing and debugging. Alongside gameplay testing, sound design, and music and text creation. The company also works with publishers to help them develop their games. The company partners with colleges and institutions to offer courses. Courses in technical subjects such as programming and web development. Thus allowing it to contribute to the growth of a technically skilled workforce in the United States.

▶ Proposition of value

Mail.Ru has two key value propositions: accessibility and brand/status. Accessibility is the first of them. Through the provision of a diverse range of solutions, the company promotes accessibility. Email, social networking, instant messaging, online games (social, mobile, and multiplayer online games). Search, eCommerce, and cloud storage are just a few of the services it provides.

▶ Photographs are saved in the user’s album after they are created in it.

Interested in developing a user photo album for your application? Or even a few? Not a problem. Thanks to the new mail.ru.common.photos. Create album function, and you now have the option. Previously, developers were unable to upload photos to a user’s album. However, this has now been made possible with the mail.ru.common.photos. Upload function. This is an excellent method for several avatar improvement applications. More information on how to make use of the new capabilities may be found. Found in the following documentation: APIs for JS and Flash are also available.

▶ Storage of Metadata

Mail.Ru copes with a never-ending influx of documents. As soon as they receive a communication, they must ensure that it is delivered to the intended recipient. Mail needs to be able to identify duplicates as fast as possible. A simple option would be to name files according to the information contained within them. This is accomplished through the use of SHA-1. You do not have to worry about the initial name of the file. Because it is stored in the email itself. When a new email is received, they retrieve the files, compute their hashes. Include the results in the email body as attachments. Having the ability to quickly retrieve the files associated with a specific email. Future storage is a vital step when an email is being sent.

How do we create Phone Verified Accounts?

There are numerous methods for establishing a PVA Mail.RU Account. Simply create a Mail.RU account. Then Another option is to create a Mail. Ru new account and use your phone number as your username. Additionally, this type of account can be validated via text or phone call. All of the aforementioned methods will assist you in creating a standard Mail.Ru Email. However, the Mail.Ru PVAs we sell will assist you in creating a genuine, verified account. We supply real Phone Verified Accounts. The PVA Accounts we sell are designed by highly experienced and knowledgeable people. Our verified Mail.Ru email addresses are built with a unique IP Address. This will ensure the account’s longevity. Thus allowing you to utilise it regularly without interruption. You may use the account as you wish in order to attract prospective viewers and reactions. Without a doubt, you will have complete access to the PVA Mail.Ru Accounts. As a result, we recommend that you get Mail.Ru Accounts from us because we offer them at the lowest possible price.


Are all the Mail.RU PV Accounts verified?

Yes, we provide real, tested and 100% verified accounts to our respective customers. Therefore, the accounts we offer you are safe and secured to use as all your data are strictly protected. 

Can I buy PVA Mail.RU Accounts in larger quantities?

Yes, Of course, you can buy bulk email accounts from us. We usually have many PV Accounts in our stock. But if sometimes, due to high demand, the accounts run out of stock. In that case, we will create more accounts for you and provide them to you. 

Are these Phone Verified Accounts Tested Before They are Delivered?

Following the creation of each PVA Account, we run a quality control check. This verification is carried out by the professionals who initially create the accounts. This procedure enables us to provide genuine verified accounts that may be accessed without difficulty.


If you are willing to take full advantage of the Mail.RU, then get in touch with us as soon as possible. Avail our Mail.Ru Account for sale and get them at amazing rates. Mail.Ru facilitates communication between businesses and their target audiences. So buy Mail.Ru PV Accounts from PVA Agent.