What is Soundcloud? 

SoundCloud is a social network that is mostly used for audio track distribution. Whenever you think of a social network for sharing photos and/or videos, Apps such as Pinterest or Instagram comes into your mind. Likewise, SoundCloud is considered a platform for sharing sound. This music streaming and sharing website was launched in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. SoundCloud began as a tiny community for artists to market their audio offerings. This has now grown into a solid option for musicians to get their music out there.

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Why do you need Soundcloud Accounts?

A SoundCloud Account has quite many uses. One of the most common uses will be the use of SoundCloud to get access to various audio tracks. As a listener, you can listen to the many different songs SoundCloud offers. The first step as a listener is to download the app or use the site and create a SoundCloud account. Then after updating your profile, you can start browsing for the type of music you wish to listen to. You can comment on the tracks of your choice and even make your own playlist. Listeners can also follow their favourite artists. As an Artist having a SoundCloud account is a must. Why? Because of the various amazing features and tools this application has. An Artist can quite simply add their very own tracks on the site. As an artist, you will have the authority with whom you want to share your audio, and this can be done by setting up privacy. The privacy option lets you decide whether you want to share your music with the “Public” or closed, known ones, “Private”. On Soundcloud, you can also allow the users to download your music or not, whatever option suits you. You can also let others update or change the track information. SoundCloud emphasizes the importance of copyright. It states that submitted tracks must adhere to their Terms of Service and not infringe on the rights of others. In other words, do not upload audio that is not yours. The SoundCloud Creator Guide provides an in-depth look into all of the tools and resources available.  This lets the musicians make the most of this audio sharing platform. It offers advice on how to optimise SoundCloud recordings to make them easier to find. Moreover, it provides directions on how to share your SoundCloud music on social media and embedded players. As of 2021, SoundCloud has an estimated 76 million users, with 175 million monthly listeners. This clearly shows the potentiality SoundCloud holds, especially for the artists. For a new artist, uploading your audio tracks on SoundCloud might help you gain popularity and get viral. This platform might be the easiest and cheapest way to promote your music and establish a reputation for it. It is quite difficult to enhance your creations if you are a new artist. However, if you buy SoundCloud accounts, you will be able to like, share, and boost your own music or tracks. This is one of the best strategies to get popularity in the Soundcloud community and throughout the music industry. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get our SoundCloud accounts for sale. 

What is a Verified SoundCloud Account, and Why is the Verification Check Important for Artists? 

A verified Soundcloud is an account with A Bule Tick Mark on the Profile. This tick holds a lot of importance as this surely helps an artist stand out from other artists. This also ensures the authenticity of the identity of the Artist and protects their work and privacy. Soundcloud recognises the account as the Artist’s genuine page, not one created by a third party (sponsored, fan-page, etc.). Rather than listening to music from a fan account, this allows consumers to search for and find the Artist’s legitimate account. the blue checkmark lends legitimacy to artists. While also assuring followers or listeners that the account is genuine. This is beneficial to musicians. Since it enhances the likelihood that users will follow their account and stream music from their verified page. This allows the Artist to acquire more plays and, as a result, more royalties at the end of the day. After their accounts have been authenticated, several social media networks reward verified accounts. They are rewarded with various advantages, statistics, search engine priority, and revenue.

How to Get Verified on Soundcloud?

SoundCloud has made many changes in the policies and procedures involved in the verification of an account. We’ve done the research and are here to explain down exactly what you need to do to get verified on Soundcloud. Soundcloud does not simply grant anyone the right to a blue tick. The approval requirements are fairly severe and biased in favour of well-known musicians. The ones who, according to them, are the most searched for and streamed.

The first and foremost important thing is the account’s criteria or requirements:

  1. The account should be a well-known artist, collective, DJ, label, curator or podcaster or a highly searchable one.
  2. The musician himself should have the account and should not be a fan-made profile.
  3. Soundcloud’s Terms of Use Policy must comply with the account and shall not contain deceptive material.
  4. At least one track must be posted with a photo profile, a bio and a track.

Next are the steps involved in applying and getting a Verified SoundCloud Account:

  • Log in from your desktop on Soundcloud.com.
  • Turn right to the settings and click the “Check Request.”
  • Enter the name of your performers/band/DJ.
  • Add other links, websites, newspaper stories or anything to demonstrate that you have a significant presence online.
  • Press Submit.


There are Some important things to keep in mind while applying for the verification. Firstly, SoundCloud takes almost 30 days to process the verification of an account. Secondly, in this time period, one cannot make any changes to their accounts as this can halt the entire verification procedure. It can even lead to the cancellation of the verification.  Lastly, all the information provided for verification should be correct. If all the things mentioned above are followed, you will get verified in no time. 

Benefits of SoundCloud Accounts:

▶ A Social Networking Site

The fact that SoundCloud is more than just a streaming music platform is probably its most significant advantage. It’s a platform for social audio. You connect with tracks, albums, and individuals on SoundCloud. This interaction is done in the same manner that people interact with photos and videos on Instagram. People love to share what they like when it comes to music and podcasts. They want to share what they are passionate about. Suppose your podcast is more about a community than a topic. Then you receive a lot of responses; SoundCloud could be a good place to look.

▶ Fans Can Now Repost on Soundcloud

Soundcloud gives your songs a social media boost through reposting and likes, which are akin to Twitter’s retweet and like buttons. When someone reposts your song, it appears on their page. It appears as well as in their stream (which is similar to Facebook’s news feed). The more reposts your music receives, the more exposure it will receive. This is because it will be seen by others who follow the person who is reposting it.

▶ Created to Stimulate Audience Participation

Your podcast is almost certainly focused on something you’re passionate about. Whether you’re recounting the ups and downs of your college years or delivering relationship advice to your listeners. Additionally, you should be enthusiastic or passionate about the content you create. SoundCloud is more than a platform for distributing your material. Rather than that, it facilitates the discovery of your work by an increasing number of users. Users of SoundCloud can quickly save and share their favourite podcasts with friends and family. Rather than simply publishing a podcast and forgetting about it, you can use SoundCloud to market your work. All-in-one platform for sharing content and interacting with fans. You’ll have an easier time growing your following and popularising your podcast.

▶ An audio tour of your company

You can use the SoundCloud platform to provide your present or potential customers with an audio tour of your business. That is in addition to a radio show. Some of the audio materials that you could share with your listeners can include discussions about your premises and many more. Moreover, things such as how the business works and how your services can aid others. These audio materials provide new insights into your business that would not have been possible otherwise. It also assists an organisation in the development of a personal relationship with its consumers. Audio content marketing is a potent marketing strategy. This is the strategy that organizations may employ to get a competitive advantage. Purchase SoundCloud accounts today to take advantage of the numerous business options available.

▶ The Automation Tool

It is not enough to use SoundCloud to promote your music; you should also use an automation tool to help you complete your marketing tasks. This enables you to schedule numerous automated operations such as playing, following and liking. As we all know, promoting your music on SoundCloud requires many things. For instance, you need to perform numerous marketing tasks daily on this platform, which takes a lot of time and energy. This SoundCloud automation tool can assist you in completing these repetitive, boring tasks. With this software, you may maintain an active presence on SoundCloud and increase the number of followers on your profile.

How do we create Phone Verified Accounts?

We have experts who develop Phone verified accounts for a variety of platforms. With the phone number you offer us, we create the accounts. Your phone number and the details you provide us with are used to verify your account. A unique IP address is used to create our verified SoundCloud accounts. This secures the account’s lifespan, allowing you to utilise it without interruption for as long as you like.


Do you offer Phone verified SoundCloud accounts?

Yes, our SoundCloud accounts are Phone verified accounts. We also provide normal SoundCloud Accounts, whichever you want. 

Can You Buy Sound Cloud Accounts in Bulk?

Yes, you may Buy SoundCloud Accounts bulk from us. We can provide you with as many SoundCloud accounts as you want. This will also allow you to save money because you will be able to purchase more accounts at a cheaper cost.

Are these SoundCloud verified accounts real and safe to use?

All PVA SoundCloud Accounts we sell are 100% verified and authentic. Real accounts created by real experts. So, we can ensure you that you will get real, verified accounts from us. The SoundCloud accounts we provide are safe to use. All your data and information will always be safe and secure along with your accounts.


Music is something that everyone listens to in their daily life. SoundCloud is one of the most popular music sharing and listening platforms. Therefore, we suggest you let us create new SoundCloud account for you. You can buy SoundCloud Accounts and use all its various features smoothly. We promise you won’t regret your decision.