PVA Yandex Accounts

What is a Yandex Accounts?

Yandex is a popular search engine and internet services provider in Russia. Yandex offers a range of online services, including email, maps, news, and more. A Yandex account is a user account that allows individuals to access and use these services.

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Why do you need PVA Yandex Accounts? 

PVA Yandex accounts refer to Yandex accounts that have been verified using a phone number. These accounts are essential for various reasons, including:

Better account security:

Verifying your Yandex account using a phone number adds an extra layer of security to your account. This makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your account, ensuring that your data is protected.

Increased account functionality:

PVA Yandex accounts allow you to access additional features, such as creating Yandex email addresses, setting up online advertising campaigns, and using Yandex webmaster tools.

Improved SEO:

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia, and having a PVA Yandex account can improve your website’s SEO in that market. By verifying your account and regularly using Yandex services, you can increase your website’s visibility in Yandex search results.

Easy access to Yandex services:

With a PVA Yandex account, you can easily access various Yandex services, such as Yandex.Mail, Yandex.Disk, and Yandex.Translate. This allows you to stay connected with your clients, partners, and customers in Russia.

Overall, PVA Yandex accounts are essential for anyone looking to expand their online presence in Russia. They provide additional account security, increased functionality, improved SEO, and easy access to Yandex services.

How do we create Phone Verified Accounts?

Creating a phone verified account (PVA) on Yandex is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  1. Go to the Yandex registration page: Navigate to the Yandex registration page (https://passport.yandex.com/registration/) and click on the “Create Account” button.
  2. Provide your details: Enter your first and last name, desired username, and password. Make sure that you choose a strong password that is difficult to guess.
  3. Verify your phone number: Next, you will be asked to verify your phone number by entering a code sent to your phone via SMS. This is to ensure that you are a real person and not a bot.
  4. Complete the registration process: Once you have verified your phone number, you will need to provide additional details such as your date of birth and gender. After completing the registration process, you will be logged in to your new PVA Yandex account.

It’s important to note that Yandex has some restrictions on the number of accounts you can create from a single phone number. Therefore, if you need to create multiple PVA Yandex accounts, you may need to use multiple phone numbers or a phone number verification service. Additionally, make sure to follow Yandex’s terms of service to avoid any account suspension or termination.


Are all the PVA Yandex Accounts verified?

Yes, all of our PVA (Phone Verified) Yandex accounts undergo thorough testing before they are delivered to our clients. We take great care to ensure that our accounts are fully verified and functional, allowing you to use them immediately without any issues. Our team uses a variety of methods to test the accounts, including ensuring that the phone number is valid and that the verification process has been completed successfully.

Can I buy PVA Yandex Accounts in larger quantities?

Absolutely! We offer the option to purchase PVA Yandex accounts in bulk, with a vast selection of verified accounts available in our inventory. In case of high demand or temporary stock shortages, we will promptly create additional accounts to fulfill your order and make them available as soon as possible. This ensures that you have access to the quantity of accounts you need to expand your online presence in Russia. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our bulk purchasing options or if you have any specific account requirements.

Are these Phone Verified Accounts Tested Before They are Delivered?

Yes, all our phone verified accounts (PVAs) are thoroughly tested before they are delivered to our clients. We understand that our clients rely on these accounts to expand their online presence and achieve their business goals, so we take every measure to ensure that the accounts we provide are fully verified and ready to use.


In conclusion, PVA Yandex accounts offer businesses an excellent opportunity to expand their online presence in Russia. These accounts are phone verified, ensuring their authenticity, and provide access to a wide range of Yandex services, including email, search, and advertising. However, creating and verifying these accounts can be a time-consuming and challenging process, which is why many businesses opt to purchase PVA Yandex accounts from reliable providers.

At our company, we provide high-quality PVA Yandex accounts that are verified and ready to use. Our accounts undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and functionality, providing our clients with peace of mind when using them to expand their online presence in Russia. We also offer bulk purchasing options, and in the event that accounts are temporarily out of stock, we will create additional accounts promptly and make them available to our clients.

By using our PVA Yandex accounts, businesses can tap into the vast Russian online market, connecting with potential customers and expanding their reach. With our reliable and high-quality accounts, our clients can focus on growing their business and achieving their online goals, without worrying about the time-consuming process of creating and verifying phone verified accounts.