How to remove cloudhq from Gmail

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Google Mail or Gmail is a free email service introduced by Google. It allows users to send and receive emails over the Web. The Gmail site is a kind of Webmail. It can be accessed from the Web and also from a cell phone through the application.


On the other hand, CloudHQ is a web-based business that provides email productivity workflow solutions as well as cloud sync and backup services. There are many cloudhq Gmail apps a user can use or access. 


CloudHQ provides various different features: 


  • Two-factor authentication and a GDPR-compliant privacy policy are among its many security features.
  • CloudHQ is a free cloud-to-cloud management service that allows you to sync and backup all of your free cloud accounts indefinitely.
  • The lack of fundamental utilities like a search option and file previews, as well as limited sharing possibilities, keep it from being a genuinely excellent programme.
  • CloudHQ is a competent cloud-to-cloud administration service when it comes to filing transfers and setting up sync links across cloud storage systems.
  • Backing up an account can be time-consuming (minutes or a few hours depending on the size of your inbox). With CloudHq Chrome, a user will be able to see how many emails they have, how many of them have been processed, and how many have been backed up.
  • Emails that you choose to store are saved as PDF files. You can save them to whatever device you want directly from Gmail.
  • Using cloudhq email tracker, you can keep track of your emails on Gmail. You will be able to keep track of the emails you sent, opened or clicked on. You will also have access to unanswered emails where you need to respond or people need to. 


Although CloudHQ with Gmail provides many features and benefits, it also has its drawbacks. 


  • For Instance, Saving Emails to Google Drive will allow you to save and archive emails to any Google Drive folder. However, there are some drawbacks and requirements. For example, the labels and sub-labels used cannot have /, +, \, special characters, or emojis in their names.
  • Many users are unaware that they installed Chrome extensions on their devices. As a dedicated user, You will be able to perceive any “hidden” extensions and apps that run in the background. So you can shield yourself from malware or malicious extensions and apps.
  • Many users experience a slow down in their browser without understanding that it’s because of one of their Chrome extensions that are not enhancing their experience.
  • Many users use ad blockers for free or coupon Chrome extensions with no privacy or security policies! Those folks are frequently uninformed that their data is being used in ways they aren’t aware of via Chrome extensions.


How to remove cloudhq from Gmail


Therefore, Removing Cloudhq from Gmail might be quite essential in many cases and situations. Now the first and foremost question is how to remove cloudhq from Gmail. The answer is simple and can be described in the following steps:


  1.  Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. On the browser toolbar, tap the vertical ellipsis icon.
  3. Add more tools to your toolbox.
  4. Then select Extensions.
  5. Swipe left on the Enabled blue slider next to the cloudHQ extension you want to turn off.




All in all, removing or adding Cloudhq from and to Gmail fully depends on the user. Suppose a user believes that removing CloudHQ from Gmail does more good than bad for him/her. Then a user can definitely follow the steps mentioned above and get rid of Cloudhq from Gmail.


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