How To Block Someone On LinkedIn


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn– whichever social networking platform you are using, blocking and reporting someone is done very often. These are one of the most used privacy features that enables users to enjoy their presence online. 


In this article, we’re going to talk about LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered if you can hide your LinkedIn profile? Or thought of blocking someone but you don’t know how to? No worries, we got your back. We’re going to cover all those questions in this article. 

What Is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a social networking site. It is designed for business professionals. It’s basically a way for employers to post jobs and job seekers to post their CVs. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn maintains a very professional environment.


Blocking Users

In order to enjoy your time online, sometimes you need to get rid of the disturbances. And that’s why, you might want to use the block someone feature on LinkedIn. But how to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing? Can You block people on LinkedIn? We’ll learn to block people on LinkedIn using different methods today. 


  • How To Block Someone On LinkedIn From A Web Browser? 

To block someone on LinkedIn when you are using a web browser, you just need to follow a few steps. 


First, you login on your LinkedIn profile using the web browser. Then, you go to the profile of the person you want to block. Below the member’s profile picture, you can see a “…” Button, also called More button. Click the more button and select “Block (member name)” from the What Do you Want To Do? pop-up menu. Then click Block or click Go Back if you want to rethink your decision. Not to forget the fact that whichever you use, may it be Mac or windows, the steps are the same. You can block people using the same steps on your MacBook or Windows PC. 


  • How To Block Someone On LinkedIn Using Mobile Devices?

The steps are basically the same as a web browser. What you need to do is enter the LinkedIn app on your phone and log in. Then find the person you want to block. Go to their profile and on the top right corner of the screen, you can see the More button. Then a drop-down menu will appear. Tap Report/Block. Then tap Block (person’s name). A pop-up window will appear. Tap Block and here you go! Also it’s important to mention that if you use an iPhone, then you also follow these same steps. It’s the same for both Android, iOS and iphones. 


Unblocking Users 

If you ever have a change of mind and want to unblock someone, then you’ll need to follow the steps below. We’ll show you how to unblock someone on LinkedIn using a web browser and mobile phone. 


  • How To Unblock Someone on LinkedIn Using a Web Browser?

To unblock someone, you need to first login on LinkedIn and Click the Me icon. It’s in the toolbar on top. Then Click on Settings and Privacy. Under the privacy tab, you can see on the left sidebar Blocking and Hiding. Click that and then choose Change. It’s right beside the Blocking tab. You can see the list of people you already blocked there. Click the Unblock button next to the person you want to unblock. And there you go! 


  • How To Unblock Someone on LinkedIn Using a Mobile Phone? 

Simply go to your profile then Tap the Gear icon. You can see that on the top right side of the screen. There will be four tabs. Select Privacy from there. Find Who You’re Blocking and tap it.  Then Tap Unblock next to the person you want to unblock. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision to unblock that person by entering your password. Simply enter your password and that person will be unblocked. 


Keep in mind that, you have to wait for 48 hours after you unblock a member to block them again.  


Can You Block Someone On LinkedIn Without Seeing Their Profile?

You can change your privacy settings so that people don’t get notified when you visit their profile. To do that on Mobile Phone- 


Go to your profile then Tap the Gear icon. You can see that on the top right side of the screen. There will be four tabs. Select Privacy from there. Then select Profile Viewing Options. Tap the Private Mode option. Now, you went anonymous. If you visit someone’s profile, they’ll be notified but it’ll say “An anonymous person visited your profile” instead of showing your name. So now you can proceed with the blocking process and they won’t know! 


To do the same using a Web Browser, you can follow the below steps- 


You need to first log in on your LinkedIn profile and Click the Me icon. It’s in the toolbar on top. Then Click on Settings and Privacy. A new tab will open. Select Privacy and find the option How Others see your linkedin activity.  Then you can see Change right beside Profile Viewing Options. Click Change and select Anonymous Linkedin member.  Now you just become anonymous. You can proceed with the blocking steps and they won’t know! 


Can A Person Tell If You’ve Blocked Them on LinkedIn? 

The answer is no. They can’t tell unless they search your name and notice that they can’t find you. LinkedIn will not notify the person that you have blocked them. When you block a person on LinkedIn, you can’t access each other’s profiles. You also can’t message one another. 


Can I Hide My LinkedIn Profile From One Individual?

You can turn off your profile visibility. That way, you won’t be shown on search lists. To change your visibility using a Web Browser- 

Click the “Me” icon. It’s at the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage  Click “View Profile“, and then Edit public profile & URL. Under the “Edit Visibility” section on the right side, toggle “Your profile’s public visibility” to Off. Now your profile visibility is off. No one can see your profile. 


Do the same using your Phone- 


Go to your profile and then tap the Gear icon. You can see that on the top right side of the screen. There will be four tabs. Select Edit your public profile

from the “Edit Visibility” section and toggle “Your profile’s public visibility” to Off. 


Why Choose PureVPN When Using LinkedIn?

You can get around geographical boundaries with the right VPN. A VPN will securely log you in your LinkedIn account and keep your online activities protected. Also, in regions where LinkedIn is not available, a VPN will get you instant access by connecting to a country where LinkedIn is available. So PureVPN is a nice choice if you want to access your account without such worries. 


How To Use LinkedIn Effectively?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. You can use it to find jobs and also you can find just the right person as your next employee. To get the best out of LinkedIn, you might want to maintain a strategy. Such as- 


  • Completing Your Profile

It’s known that LinkedIn’s internal search algorithm only finds profiles that rank as “complete” and it can get more than 20 times as many views as incomplete profiles. Therefore it’s important  to complete yours. 


  • Make Connections! 

The number of connections you have on LinkedIn affects your search ranking on LinkedIn. Therefore, it would be great to aim for at least 50 “first-degree” connections.


And some more steps you can take are-

  • Start talking to people.
  • Exchange recommendations and endorsements.
  • Use LinkedIn Groups.
  • Produce engaging content.
  • Find new opportunities.
  • Boost your organization’s profile.


This way, your profile will get the proper attention resulting in you to use the site more effectively. 



Some questions are often asked about LinkedIn. We’ll try to answer some of them briefly. 


  • Can I Block Someone On LinkedIn?

Yes you can. We showed you how to do that in the first half of the article. 


  • Can I Block Someone Without Them Knowing?

You can turn off your profile visibility from the settings so they won’t know you visited their profile. 


  • Can I hide my LinkedIn profile?

Yes you can. We showed you how to change your profile visibility to Anonymous in this article. 



Given its size, LinkedIn isn’t a social networking site anymore. But it’s not dying after all. But you can’t really expect everyone to reply to you or connect with you. But we tried our best to let you know all you need to know about this site. Hope you had a good time reading our article and we hope it was informative to you. If you have further questions about this, let us know in the comments below! 

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